The silent storm that no one sees.

The Lord is mighty, mightier than the many waters

It was a beautiful Autumn morning, the season where every leaf becomes a flower as they say. The ground was arrayed in the colors of bronze, chocolate, and gold. It wasn’t very cold and it wasn’t hot either. It was just pleasantly cool. The birds were chirping, the bees were occupied in their task and the butterflies seemed carefree. The sun was shining but for some reason, it seemed like dark wicked clouds had gathered above my head with an evil agenda.

It was a perfect day, the weather was stunning and the air was fresh. I sat on the bench in the park on my way to my destination. I wasn’t even certain where my destination was. To silence the noise of the raging storm in my mind, I went for a walk in the park. I needed to feel something more than a failure. I needed a change, a shift in my life.

Everyone else seemed happy and busy going about their business. Were they faking it or were they really happy and full of life? What does it take to be really happy?

People walked past me, some smiled and nodded but no one heard the silent storm blowing inside of me.

I had health, I had clothes, lots of them, shoes, handbags, food in the house, education so why was I not content. I had more than what other people had. I was grateful but my heart still felt heavy.

The sun seemed to be shining halfheartedly as it had no warmth. I scrutinized the big tree near me with its huge elaborate roots above the ground and suggested that it should coverup, that there was no need to show off!

My contributions fell on deaf ears as it seemed unmoved by my remark and stood tall and proud, content in its ways. It undoubtedly withstood many strong winds as its structure had been designed by a mastermind to withstand storms. Wasn’t I also the creation of this genius mastermind who was an expert in the complexities of life?

I examined the flowers and they appeared occupied in their task of blooming and spoke silently that my heart seemed to understand.

I didn’t know what to do, which way to go, I felt lost. I was stuck and needed a bulldozer to gently pull me out. I sat there feeling sorry for myself. I indulged in the myriads of negative thoughts in my head. I knew I had the ability to shove those thoughts away but it seemed like I needed some sort of entertainment in my mind and allowed those thoughts to play their tune.

I gazed in astonishment at the tree as it seemed proud and tall, standing majestically above everything else. It took years for it to grow to be that tall and strong. It had impressive beauty. I am sure it wasn’t always like that. It was a tiny seed programmed to rise above every storm when planted in the right soil and in the right condition. Perhaps in a casual or reckless way thrown carelessly by a passer-by. This tree had a story to tell but since it was reluctant to reveal it to me, I was determined to draw my own conclusions.

I sat there silently, admiring a tree that was formulated by the same creator who had carefully put my body parts together in my mother’s womb (Psalm 139:15)

I was fearfully made in the darkness of the womb. I was called, ordained, purposed by the master builder, the author, and finisher of my story. I looked at the tree and it had to be in the dark to sprout and it wasn’t always that strong and majestic. It had to go through some strong winds and scorching sun. There were times it had no water and nearly died of thirst, times when it nearly got uprooted but in all seasons, it kept growing. It had no friends, no one to confide in, didn’t know how long it was going to take to become big and strong, but it knew it had it inside of it, the program of the master-builder for it to become all that it was called to become. Like that tree, I too was called to withstand all seasons. When I was born, my visa to earth had a return date. I was here for a season for a reason. Like that tree, I had a destiny, a program inside of me, a purpose I had to accomplish. My time was precious, not to be wasted or treated carelessly. I was valuable to the one who created me.

A tree standing silently taught me lessons that day that my degrees had failed to. I was guided to that tree by the master builder, the author, and finisher of all things, the creator Himself. My steps were ordered that day.

When the revelation came that I was someone special, intricately made, carved for a higher purpose, far worthy than the tree which can be cut off and put in the fireplace, the dark clouds shifted away as swiftly as it came from above my head.

Some storms blow silently but we have a greater power within us that can speak to that storm and silence it with one word, the Word of God inside of us.

The voice of God is louder than the noise of many waters.

Peace be still in your storm. Shalom

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