The prioritized life

When you operate in a realm of what is important now and what can be put aside, you can achieve much more. We all at some point procrastinated about housework, “I will do it later, leave the dishes,” and rather sit and watch television for a lot longer that had nothing but bad news.  We can often waste a lot of time complaining or putting things aside for another day, and that day does not come.
The Bible says in Proverbs 24, to put first things first and prepare for harvest. Sometimes what seems important to us is not important to God in the big picture. We all have been given a gift, a calling and placed on earth to do it. If we don’t find our calling, we tend to go with anyone, do anything, and keep searching.
God made us for a purpose, not just to float around, sucking air and die one day without completing the job He gave us.
I spent much of my life running away from my calling. Like Jonah, God chased me and found me in various places. Now I want nothing more than do what He has called me to do. Your calling is usually what you do best. There is something that lightens your eyes when you talk about it. Something that no one can talk you out of. Something that you don’t tire of doing and no one can do it better than you. That is your calling, your special talent.
If you are waiting for it to become big, it will not till you plant it. Which means till you put it into practice by being an answer to someone else’s prayer. The Bible says when we sew our seed, God makes it grow. When we put it to good course, it is like planting a seed in good soil. When you put it in the Master’s hand, He will stretch it, and make it more.
Everyone has a talent given by God. Some of us go through life never finding it. We don’t look for it. We give it away,  waste it by not doing anything about it.Jesus had a purpose. He was placed on earth to do a job. He could not do it till the time was right with God. His job was to die. He was born to die as a sacrifice for you and me. He knew it and He did it well.
Instead of chasing dead dreams, dead end  jobs, wasting time chasing things that don’t matter, ask God to show you what He made you for. He will show you. Chase after things of the Lord and He will bless you.

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