The power of agreement

I did not know much about the power we carry in our mouth. Even though I grew up in a Christian family and started ministering early in my life, I did not know that the words we speak carried power to build or break. The same mouth that can worship and praise God, and speak faith-filled declarations can turn around and curse someone and both will manifest.

I am very cautious now what I say. I may feel it but I am careful what comes out of my mouth because I have seen in my own life and that of my loved ones the things manifested even when spoken lightly.

More so when there is a witness. For example, a nursing staff at work (I am a Nurse by profession), said idly, “We probably all will get dementia and end up in a nursing home one day.” I quickly denied it and replied, “No I won’t. I refuse to accept it. I will live a long healthy life and my mind will be intact. I will be able to recall long and short term events and my memory and cognition will be great because God said so.”

She looked at me strangely but I was not about to allow someone to speak into my destiny so idly and negatively. The older me would have agreed with her. But now that I know the importance of 2 people agreeing on anything, the Bible says it shall be done unto us, so I will not agree with anyone unless I want those things manifest in my life.

Scripture reading Mathew 18:19

I can tell you many testimonies here, that the words I have spoken manifested, both good and bad. It will fill pages.

I am sure you can recall events in your own life, the words you have said in the past, how it came true in your life.

You can tell someone that their dress looks very pretty, that you love their hairdo today, and I am certain they will go home feeling great. They will even think about your words for a few days and whenever they pick that outfit again to wear it.

If you say to someone that their shirt looks old and out of date, a bit too small and the color does not suit them at all. You have spoilt their day. They will not feel so great. They will remember your words for a few days and they will not wear that shirt again.

Remember your own life, hurtful things people have spoken over you, they hurt you. The devil had a way of bringing those words back to you over and over. Words have a way of changing lives, good way or bad way.

Proverbs 15:1; “A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.”

I encourage you to speak empowering words, powerful words over yourself and your children. Do not agree with anyone who speaks things you don’t want manifested in your life.

It is God’s gift to us, Words. They have power to build or break. Use it to build yourself and others.

You are not alone. He is only a breath away. His Name is deliverance, His Name is help, His Name is healing, His Name is Jesus. Night and day He watches over you. Nothing can snatch you away from His hand 🙂

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