Self learning- Believers 101 course online

Are you standing at crossroads of your life and not sure which way to go? Do you feel that you have so much to give, that there is so much you want to do, but not sure where to begin from or how?

Get the tools you need today to become all that and much more!


5 STEPS TO BECOME A WINNEROvercoming your past and grasping to your future that God has for you.

A self learning package with daily devotional journal showing you how to:

  • Overcome fear

  • Know your enemy

  • How to fast and pray

  • Be an effective worshipper

  • Keys to become motivated.

  • Overcome negative thoughts.

  • Tools to overcome fear.

About Mel

Melvina Peka is a graduate of Melbourne University; has a Masters Degree in Mental Health and postgraduate in counseling. She is a life coach, speaker, and an author and a known podcaster of Living your best life on youtube.

Don’t allow the chatter around you to hold you back from taking the step to your destiny. You don’t require anyone to validate you to follow the path God has designed for you. Faith is action, Word of God best works when we speak it and act on it. 

Don’t wait another day, another month; make a decision now, take a step into your destiny.

Sign in to this coaching program and achieve life-changing outcomes. Join today and step into the future God has assigned for you. Your greater is coming.


6 STEPS TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES – Negative thoughts, whispers from the past, past failures and low self worth, can all become obstacles. Find out how to recognise and overcome.


BUILDING LIFE AFTER THE FLOOR – Most often we throw in the towel and give up. Find out how to not give up even when we don’t understand.

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Our self-learning package includes a Workbook and a PowerPoint presentation.

It helps individuals to find their sweet spot with God,

set goals and visions, develop leadership and self-development skills.

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Workbook and PowerPoint = $99

Group session face to face of 20 people COACHING CLASS $990 Value

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