Getting ready for a change

Anytime you have made a decision to do something or get out of a situation, the devil will bring road blocks to keep you there, to hold you a prisoner.
Have you every tried to quit smoking or to lose weight? You suddenly see everyone smoking or everyone eating. All day you think about food or cigarette more than usual.
To get to a new place, we have to leave our old place. We cannot take our old mindset to our new level. I remember someone telling me once that they adopted a child from a poor country and each morning they would find lot of food hidden under this child’s bed. Although the child had left poverty, but poverty had not left the child.  It was in their mind.
When I left my abusive relationship, it took a long time for me to feel free. I left the situation, but the effects of abuse was embedded in me. The fear, the hopelessness, the lack of trust and confidence was inside of me. I had to work very hard to break the cycle of my thinking and and pull the root out. Only then was I able to move forward.
Our God is a God of change. He says in Ecclesiastes 3:1-15, that there is time for everything on earth, a season and a purpose. Nothing stays the same. There is always growth and movement. Even the grass in the fields that don’t get looked after grows.
In the Bible, you will find out there was a lot of movement. God moved people around.  He asked Abraham to leave his father’s house and move to a place He had not told him about yet. Naomi moved twice, once with her family and then she returned with her daughter in law. Moses ran away from his palace life to wander around in the desert to find himself. God is about change, about movement. He does not like statues. And when we ask God to change someone, He will often change you.

Long time ago one day driving home from work, stressed already, I was praying and asking God to change my young teen daughter to help me more,  when God told me clearly that day, that I had to change the way I spoke to her. You see coming out of abusive relationship had left a lot of scars in me and my attitude wasn’t always right. I was always defensive and she learnt that from me. So after hearing from God that day, I started to speak in a new way and it worked. I had peace in my home. When we ask God to change others, most often God will change us because change starts with us.
If God speaks to you, listen and obey. New things are available to us if we obey and not ask a lot of questions. Mary the mother of Jesus accepted her calling even if it meant she had to let go of hers. She was about to get married, when God disrupted her plans. His one announcement changed her entire life. But she humbled and accepted her calling even if it took away her own plans.  God looks for a heart like Mary. Joseph in the Bible is another example of love. His own siblings treated him poorly. They hated him and threw him in a pit. Then they told their father that he was dead. Their father’s grief did not even move them.
Then they sold him. Yet when the time came for Joseph the governor of Egypt to reveal himself to them, the brothers were afraid. They remembered what they had done to Joseph but Joseph on the other hand, did not mind. He cried thinking about his father and forgave his brothers saying that what did was not good but God made it good so that he could be a blessing to them and to others.
Situations change us for the better of we allow it to. Joseph was not bitter. Twelve years of his life was spent in prison. He had every opportunity to be bitter and angry with his brother. He had a change to behead them in his anger and hatred. But he did not. He forgave them and loved them and that is why precisely why God chose Joseph for this job.
To be a servant in everything God calls you to do is a special gift. It is hard and not everyone can be a servant, but our good example is our Lord Jesus who was always  serving.  If we take this attitude of a servant hood, than every blessing that comes in our life, will not change us. Pride will not come in. Many people change when they become rich and get a big name. They forget who they were and how God brought them out. Change is necessary for growth. Most of us don’t like change. Change means getting out of comfort zone to the unfamiliar, to the unknown. Transition is God bringing a new season in your life. Get ready to expand your boundaries.

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for a change

  1. Jerryanne Koma says:

    thank you for blessing me today. Your message is powerful.

    1. melbourne1 says:

      You are welcome. Start where you are with whats in your hand. Shalom

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