Beside clear still waters

Psalm 23, He leads us beside clear cool still waters. Like any good Sheppard or a farmer who owns flocks cares for their animals, God cares for us, His children. In New South Wales, Australia we witnessed great drought where animals were dying. It must have been heart breaking for the farmers to see their crops wilt and  die, their animals starving and thirsty.
How much more our Heavenly father cares for us and does not want us to wilt in the droughts of life. He wants to follow him to the still waters, to the place of rest from our daily toils.

Jesus told a woman in the Bible who came to draw water from the well, who had many situations in her life, that He could give her water that would quench her thirst for good in John 4:13.
Jesus is offering this living water to all of us even TODAY,  those of us who are troubled, walking aimlessly in the dry desert land for years, not being able to find a destination, not sure which way is home and who is for us. I can hear in my spirit Jesus is saying, “come with me to the living waters, to the still waters where there is peace and joy, rest from your daily chores.”

I come from Fiji, we have many rivers and creeks where we sit and relax, bath and wash our clothes. “Still waters” are waters that flow slowly and calmly, does not rush like fast flowing rivers or waterfalls. When you sit near one of these ‘still waters’, you feel relaxed and peaceful. It has a way of making you forget your miseries.

Nature has a way of bringing me calmness, quietness where I feel oneness with God.
Still waters are restful and has a way of calming our nerves and soothing our minds and emotions.
The Bible says, God leads us to still waters, calmness and quietness where we can hear from Him and be one with Him.

We live in the hustle bustle of life, want everything now, run up and down escalators and jump from meeting to meeting, and are too busy to care for ourselves like God wants us to.
He is calling us to walk with Him to clear, cool still waters where we can find solace and have a relax with Him, our maker. He wants to talk to us and tell us of His plans for us.  He wants us to let go of our past and the things that occupy our mind and our lives, to load off to Him because He cares for us.

Many of us are heavy laden. We all have a cross we are struggling to carry. Even if we have a nice big fancy house full of expansive furniture and drive a gleaming  car in our garage, we still have something that is amiss in our lives.
In Matthew 11: 20-30, God calls us to go to Him when we are weary and with heavy heart, that He will give us rest.
“His yoke is easy and light”.

I don’t know about you, but I seem to need God so much more in my life now than ever before. Maybe because when we are older and have gleaned from life experiences, we understand the value of God in our lives who we can draw upon for advice and wisdom.
Like soil, life can only give us back what we plant, what we give to it.

If you feel laden with worries and anxieties, battling a sickness, having family issues, alcohol and other drug related issues and addictions, marriage and relationship problems, financial needs, and whatever your other needs are, hear Jesus calling  you to the still waters.

You can only get to the still waters when you follow Him, hear His voice behind you saying, ‘this way.’

“Jesus, I hear your voice speaking to me in my spirit today and I obey. I bring to you my worries, my concerns and everything that has taken my joy and peace away. You are the giant slayer, the mountain leveler, in your Name even the ocean waves roll up and the foundation of the earth quakes, come show yourself strong in my life.

The Lion of Judah, roar in my life in Jesus Might Name. I declare peace as you send ambush in my life against everything and everyone who dares to come against me, the apple of Gods eye. In Jesus Might powerful name, Amen.”

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