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Melvina is a wife and a mother of three children, a blogger, an author, a public speaker and an evangelist who empowers people through her testimonies and life experiences.

Melvina is the founder of Melvina Peka Ministries global; an International Christian Movement transforming lives and saving souls one at a time.

She is a mentor who is exquisite in inspiring people to find their calling and live abundantly in their purpose. As a speaker, Mel is seasoned with compassion and with personal testimonies translating spiritual insights into everyday language that empowers individuals to find their purpose.

Reaching beyond the pulpit, MPM extends to the global mission field by partnering with businesses, engaging in medical missions, food relief, and resourcing those in need to help change lives and communities.

Melvina is purposed with the assignment of empowering women and children who have had the trauma of losing loved ones, domestic violence, molestation, sexual abuse, depression, and anxiety. Melvina finds it an honor and a privilege to minister to women and children in schools and other groups throughout the country, South Pacific and Australasia and overseas. Melvina teaches people how to use the pain of their past to push them to their purpose.

Her coaching lessons have restored lives, empowered and motivated people to set goals and achieve their vision. Melvina shows people that there is more for them, that they don’t have to settle for less or need the validation of others to become something.

Her weekly podcasts speak of hope during adversity, changing mindset to achieve freedom from the whispers of the past, showing that you can still build again using the wreckage of the past and that there is life after the flood.

Melvina is a sought after speaker and a business coach. Using Biblical concepts and principles of decision making at the crossroads of life when there seems to be no way, Melvina shares about her own journey, the steps she took to overcome her painful past which has become a tool that helps other hurting people to overcome strongholds and to allow their hearts to sing again.

Melvina Peka Ministries is determined to be the voice that comforts you and brings you hope and love. “Comfort my people, says our God. Comfort them! ” Isaiah 40:1-2


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