3 Bible principles of abundance in the time of famine

Here are the 3 Bible principles that have been tried and remain true to be practiced even now.

  1. The sower sows to reap a harvest. You cannot eat your seed. In Genesis 26, Isaac faced a great famine in the land. The scripture says, he planted crops and reaped a hundredfold harvest the same year because the LORD BLESSED HIM. Why? Because of God’s covenant with his father Abraham. He had many livestock and crops and was the envy of everyone. Right in the middle of a famine, God not only blessed him but made him very wealthy. Many of us look at our seed in our hand and hear the stomach growling and feel the hunger pangs and use our seed to cook and eat like that lady in 1 Kings 17, in the middle of famine she had only a little bit of flour and oil left in the house and decided to cook it and eat with her son and then prepare to die. Suddenly she meets a prophet out of nowhere, who tells her to cook it and bring a piece for him first, to plant out of her need. Even though initially she protests, but ends up obeying him and finds herself in surplus, overflowing with oil and flour in her home. Now she can sell it and become very wealthy, an entrepreneur.
  2. Changing the mindset. If Isaac had eaten his seeds and not planted any due to the famine, thinking it was not going to grow anyway since there was no rain, he would not have received such an abundant harvest. He did not allow his mind to dwell on what he saw and what the (media and the news were telling him).
  3. Not allowing the circumstance to dictate your sowing. He sowed anyway regardless of the circumstance. He chose to plant even when everyone perhaps was telling him it was a bad time, nothing will grow, it is dry, the soil is hard. The lady with the little bit of flour and oil also, if she has chosen not to give any to Elijah, she would not have received her abundance. She was very hungry and had a starving child as well, yet she chose to give from the very little she had to a stranger. We all have choices. In this time of famine, in the plaque that has captured the world, we still have a choice, a choice to obey God, a choice to plant our seeds, a choice to use this time to harness some new skills, to encourage and bless another even if it is virtually, to serve another because when we serve, we are positioning ourselves to receive.

Lets use this time to apply these 3 principles and see God’s favor and abundance overtake us too.

Drop your seed where God leads you to 🙂 Shalom.

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